No Apologies

Yes, yes. I know that I have been rather brief of late. The number of emails telling me to “write something decent” has increased even above its usual mailbox-crashing level, while the number of readers has plummeted to previously unplumbed depths.

The reason for the latter, of course, is that you’re all on holiday, out of routine, and suddenly have many better things to do with your time. 6000 miles… may be preferably (just) to editing that thing the boss told you to edit or poking an Excel spreadsheet, but it simply doesn’t compare to sinking a ice cold Black Label in the sun.
And I know this, because I just sank an ice cold Black Label in the sun and it was far better than writing this post.

Look, I’m having a break from work at the moment, but I feel the need to keep delivering on the blog, despite the fact that currently I’m more often sitting in the sun and sinking Black Labels.

If you don’t like what you are reading on the blog at the moment, then please feel free to ask for a full refund. Normal service will be resumed after the holiday period. In the meantime, expect more quota photos from the Southern Tip; of sunsets and Black Labels being sunk.

Because I’m on holiday, and I make no apologies for that.

2 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. Good for you! Enjoy! Those of us loyal fans who also happen to be parents and whose hubbies are also on holiday appreciate that. I for one am very happy to have him home with us sinking [Amstels] rather than sharing him with work. The quota photos are just as good. And we know you’re saving up lots of hilarious anecdotes for when we’re all back to normal. Like I said, enjoy 🙂

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