Nitty gritty

Incoming from one of those doctors I mentioned here.

Live Scottish Gritter Tracking!

(“Gritters”, for the uninitiated, being the lorries which go around spreading rock salt on snowy and icy roads, lowering the melting point of the slippy stuff, and therefore making the roads safer to drive on.)

Even better is the fact that some of the vehicles have comedy names, like the ones you see above. Sprinkles seems like a wholly inappropriate name for a 15-tonne monster throwing grit at anything in the vicinity.

So just as it should be.

Obviously, you need it to be wintery (like today) for the full benefit of the above site. You’re not going to see much happening on there in July.

The email also included some good wishes for my knee.
My knee is doing ok, thank you. Even after a short barefoot run (first one in 7 months) last night.
My feet are full of thorns though. Full. Wynberg Boys need to sort out their bottom



Thanks Doc

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