Today marks nine years since I arrived on these shores as a refugee, immigrant, expat, comeover, whatever you want to call it.

While I can’t say that it’s been a smooth ride throughout each of those 3,288 days, I’ve never regretted making the move. Now I find myself with a beautiful and supportive wife, two amazing kids and a view of Table Mountain each day.

And I don’t think anyone could really wish for more than that.

7 thoughts on “Nine

  1. This year will be my hubby’s 17th year here and he also has no regrets. And also a beautiful and supportive wife (even if I say so myself) and two amazing kids. He is so entrenched now that he is the chief braaier at any gathering, makes a mean potjie and unfortunately can understand a lot of what I used to be able to rant at him without repercussions. Lucky for him his folks and eldest sister are here too. You need to work on that one. Can’t beat the lifestyle as they all say.

    Congrats on the nine years. SA needs people like you who are positive while realistic about what living here means. If only you had some sway with that danged media out there.

  2. Ronnie > Thanks. And well done on snaring an import. We’re just great.

    Bloubergman > Well of course you’re still loving it – your alternative is Luton.

  3. One month back in capetown for my wife, son and I….after 19 years in St Albans (not quite Luton). Its good to be home, away from the snow.
    Now to get that sub-40min platteklip…

  4. How Time has flown! Its been 8 years and 2 months since I left my beloved Country South Africa, been back twice to visit Mother and see if things have improved.
    I dont think they have, the only bright point is that its two years since the last friend was killed at a four way stop so maybe the crime rate is coming down…
    and I dont regret leaving at all.
    my 13 year old daughter has the freedom to go for a run down the lane after school, go into town on the Bus to meet up with friends, go to a movie etc..our Home is 5 years old, a nice Double story on teh corner of a 25 acre Farm, the Trout in the stream still elude my Fly, I have no burglar bars and the fence is an open ranch style which brings a plethora of rabbits and the local Fox across the front lawn , when the wife comes home at 1 am from a Book club, I am concerned about Traffic accidents, but not that she might cross someones path and become prey.
    So I am glad that you have found your happiness at the tip of Africa, 6K , I do envy you the tempratures at times, I agree that Tennis outside in the sun is preferable to an indoor court, that your Atlantic is slightly warmer… but my peace of mind far far outweighs those meager benefits.

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