Night-writing – deserves a quiet night.

I’ve been wondering all day whether to share this.
Having considered my options carefully, I can’t see the harm in putting it out into the public domain. That sort of realisation will obviously only come to me once I have put it out – irretrievably – into the public domain. So here goes.

After two virtually sleepless nights, I gave in and crashed at about 9pm, midway through my prayers to Dave, the God of Sleep. Dave always listens and often answers, usually when I’m lying in bed and after I’ve had a few glasses of red wine. Dave’s like that.

And although there were minor disturbances from the offspring, it wasn’t really a bad night. Thus, when my alarm went off this morning, I felt refreshed, revived and re-ady to go. I glanced down at my cellphone, hardly daring to believe that we had got through to 6:30am with only a couple of incidents (albeit that one of them was snot-related and pretty horrific) (I would liken it to an explosion in a lime jelly factory) (but I digress).

That’s when I saw it.
Not the cellphone – although, of course I did see the cellphone. No, I saw what was on the cellphone.

At 3:22am, I had apparently created a file using Word Mobile, the contents of which read as follows:

I am growing tired of watching videos of fat girls struggling with chemistry problems.

Just like that. In perfect English. On a program that takes four stylus key presses just to open, before you’ve even written anything. Of course, unlike the Samsung Omnia, the Xperia X1 does have a full QWERTY keyboard, which would have facilitated straightforward data entry once the program was open. But even so.
I do vaguely recall dreaming about science lessons and an argument with… someone… about some essay or… something… but I couldn’t even tell you if she was a she, let alone whether she was rotund or being filmed.

Dream analysts are welcome to analyse away, but I’m a purist and I reckon I was probably just having a dream about some fat chick with limited scientific ability. It means nothing. Probably.

Dave works in mysterious ways.

11 thoughts on “Night-writing

  1. Aha. You know what, considering that your phone is some kind of genius contraption, I reckon you didn’t even write it. Your phone just read your mind and is screening your dreams.

    Chemistry is quite hard though.

    po´s last blog post was: Confusing. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Po > It’s possible that my phone chose to write it all by itself having analysed my dreams. But I find that pretty scary too.

  3. Thats pretty scary! IF i was ever to do that in my sleep, I’d have to turn off my keylock, which comes on after 5 seconds of inactivity. Plus the fact its touch screen with a qwerty keyboard that I struggle to use at the best of times when trying to be clever and not use the pen you get with it. Which makes your night-writing very impressive.

    UNLESS… You were talking in your sleep, so Mrs 6k thought she would spin you out by leaving a message half written on your phone

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: May Top Droppers (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. Wiggy > If she ever did find out the sort of things I dream about (Kari Byron in a tub of raspberry jam etc etc) I’d be in severe trouble. Almost more comforting to think that I wrote it myself.

  5. That’s fascinating.

    I don’t suppose we could make this a daily feature could we? 6k dream journal! I’m intrigued as to what could come out of this

  6. Scott > Are you saying I have a fat science nerd as an alter ego? I think I saw him in the mirror this morning.

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