Nicely broken

After my run yesterday, there is mixed news. Yes, I’m quite sore, as my joints and muscles get back into being pushed a bit more than the weights and static bike in the gym have offered, but it’s a good sore.

I’m nicely broken.

And – in even more positive news – my crappy ankle is no sorer than any other bit of me.

Given that it has previously tended to flare up at the first sign of any impact work at all, this is a good thing. I’ll give it a few days off (the impact stuff, at least) and then we’ll give it another go and see what progress can be made. Baby steps (that’s not an idea for an exercise routine.)

In the meantime, there’s a piano lesson (not me), a photography extramural (not me), some dodgeball training (not me) and watching Sheffield United away at Reading during a bout of loadshedding (me), to get through.