Nice pictures

As a regular reader of 6000 miles…, you’ll be well aware that we like nice pictures. If they are nice long exposure pictures, we like them even more, and if they are long exposure pictures of South Africa, well, then the biscuit is well and truly taken. Step forward then, the winners of the 6th International Earth & Sky Photo Contest – most especially overall winner, Eric Nathan (you may remember him from such posts as Another Cape Town Timelapse) and this beauty:


And look, Eric dun gud. But there are some other utterly spectacular images on the list as well. And if I’m honest, this one by Russian Lyubov Trifonova called “The Enchanted Forest” is probably my particular favourite.


There’s even a Vimeo montage of the winning images, complete with chilled music, and obviously, the whole competition is granted legitimacy by having one winner from Iceland. It’s the rules.

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