Nice pics

Via TheAtlantic, some incredible photos from the 3rd edition of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition.

My favourite is Benjamin Ginsberg’s shot of Bobby Okvist high above the Wedge, in Newport Beach, California


The photographer describes it thus:

First wave out, Bobby was in position for the largest peak of the day. The wave was breaking so far out that when the refracted energy peaked, it crumbled. The wave chased Bobby towards shore, only to heave over and start barreling in the shallow water where a wave usually first breaks. Without enough speed to make it back to shore, and the wave violently closing in behind him, Bobby carved up the face and aired off the back, shocking even himself at the height he flew.

Yes. If you look carefully, you can see the look of surprise on his face.

Aside from being described as shocked, Bobby Okvist is also described as a surfer. Am I alone in noting that one vital piece of equipment seems to be missing?

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  1. gmross > We used to have “spot the ball” competitions in the papers in the UK. Maybe we need a “spot the board” one here.

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