Nice choices, Mike

500px – the photo sharing site for proper photographers or “Grown Up Flickr” as I call it – has a new feature: a Guest Curators’ Choice page. This is where they get a top photographer, who acts a s a Guest Curator (who knew?) and picks his or her favourite photos from 500px. And first up is Michael Shainblum from San Diego in California. Here’s his 500px page, featuring amazing stuff like this:


And here are his choices, including a couple of his shots and some from other photographers.
I particularly like this one:

11 which, as you can easily see, is by Erin Babnik. It’s called “Getting Close”, and it took some taking:

I must have gone through every position in the Kama Sutra with that tripod trying to get its feet secured around me, but to no avail. The solution involved lying prostrate on top of the boulder to get my face low enough to see the back of the camera, which was not the most elegant position I’ve assumed in the course of getting a shot, but it got the job done!

The softness of the flowing brook, against the sentinel peaks of the Dolomites  behind and the fresh, vernal light.

Nice shot, Erin. And nice choices, Mike.

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