Next wave

I woke up this morning with a nasty headache. No, I hadn’t been drinking, but thanks for your attempted victim-blaming. Probably just a bit sinussy, but this was a bad one, so I drugged myself up and hid in bed for another hour. Once I was up and about, and less sore, I decided (using my basic knowledge of biochemistry) that a gym workout might get rid of the congestion, noradrenaline production and all that…

And it did. Mostly.

I would have gone on a run, but… well…

And while I’m not scared of a bit of cold, it’s actually just a really unpleasant day outside and so I decided that I’d much rather stay in and play with my kettlebells.

Careful now.

Feeling better for it, though.

The next wave – in the form of that blue and green cold front – has now reached us and unleashed a few early torrential downpours, demonstrating its power and unrestrained wet rage. 1.5mm precipitation be damned: it dropped 5mm in less than 10 minutes. That’s taken us up to 64mm so far in the last 7 days and we’ve still more to come again this evening and then a big one to look forward to (careful now, again) on Wednesday.

And early forecasts suggest that could give us another 50mm before lunchtime on Thursday.

Wrap up warmly. And take an umbrella.