New Unbalanced

I’m a t-shirt, trainers and jeans kinda guy. In fact, throughout winter, you’ll find me in little else, save for socks. Undergarments are a given, obviously – it’s just too dangerous for a bloke of my dimensions not to.
In the summer, I’m more of a t-shirt, flops and shorts kinda guy, but this isn’t a post about summer.

The jeans are invariably Levis, because they’re the only ones long enough. The t-shirts are invariably one of Puma, Nike or Adidas and the trainers have been New Balance since I can remember.
I can like to be a creature of habit.

My latest pair of takkies – as they are called out here – are New Balance 606 Trail Running shoes.

New Balance 606 – I have 2 of them

Of course, I haven’t run any trails in them – they might get dirty. Oh, and because I might get dead.
Because while it quite clearly states “All Terrain” on them upon a silhouetted image of a mountain, they make me look like Bambi on ice as soon as the relative humidity rises above 8%. They’re bloody lethal.

Looking at the sole, one could quite easily believe that they would grip anything, anytime. And indeed, they will – as long as it’s not wet. I can only imagine that they were road-tested in the Sahara.
Sadly, we are still in the throes of an extremely damp Cape Town winter, which has made walking about town dangerous for me, yet somewhat amusing for passers-by whose only concern is avoiding the several hundred invisible ball-bearings that I am struggling with. 

I will think long and hard before buying another pair of New Balance “All Terrain” trainers.
Assuming, that is, I live long enough to wear these ones out.

7 thoughts on “New Unbalanced

  1. I have also have two NBs.. commonly known as a pair 😛 but I have no idea what “model” mine are. I don’t wear them when it’s raining, though… I save those moments for my HiTecs! 😀

    I would have thought a man with your English background would know that wellies are best in the wet…

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  2. Ah, Takkies. The Head of Games at my school was a South African guy. Upon arriving in the changing rooms he would greet us with a cry of “Get your takkies on lads”.

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  3. Change to Nike takkies, and wear a New Balance T shirt. Nike’s get me through the Melbourne winter, but then we have had a drought for the past zillion years.

  4. Never had an issue with my NB All Terrains…stick like glue no matter what the terrain or the weather…you sure it’s not 0.6 getting back at you by lathering something slippery underneath?

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