New shoes

Not for me. For Yoshimi. And because Yoshimi has four feet wheels, it means four new shoes tyres.

And they’re not cheap, hey? Not by any stretch of the imagination.
And my imagination is particularly malleable.

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On the plus side, the last tyres did ok: 70,000km in 4½ years, including a lot of high speed stuff and a lot of dirt roads. Also, I think I got an OK deal, and I suddenly feel a lot safer on braking and cornering. There’s also the added benefit of being less likely to get a puncture anywhere iffy. Like the N2 near the airport. Or any other bit of South Africa.

As you can see above, these new tyres are chunky buggers, ready to tackle the potholes of Cape Town and the dirt roads of Cape Agulhas.

But, given the amount of money I shelled out this morning, really, really carefully.