New Belle & Sebastian album is “really good”

Uh-oh. First (proper) music post of the year, and it marks the unexpected release of a new Belle & Sebastian album Late Developers. As the title of this post suggests, I think that the album is “really good”, with some unashamedly poppy hits like Do You Follow and the deliciously synthy first release, I Don’t Know What You See In Me setting the tone:

The clear standout for me though, is When We Were Very Young, which takes long time listeners right back to the bands’ 90s roots and in which Stuart Murdoch yearns for an existence more exciting than the current mundanity, but instead gets “real life”, which – as we are all well aware – is actually rather rubbish.

Sadly, the band have just cancelled their upcoming North American tour, citing the need for Stuart to recover following illness at the end of last year. But that won’t stop you listening at home to what they made before he got sick.

Spotify link.