New Aquarium Exhibit Opens This Week

Indeed. The new, ever so slightly warmer water tank, with imported Italian acrylic windows and tunnel, and featuring animals that like ever so slightly warmer water, opens in Thursday.

The kids and I got a sneak peek around the place yesterday (and got to pet a penguin), and while I promised not to spoil any surprises by sharing photos ahead of the big unveiling, suffice to say that the overall effect is quite breathtaking. That 36m² single sheet window is BIG!

The 1.5 million litres of water went in last weekend and it took 3 days to fill, creeping up the walls at 10cm per hour.
It’s already come a long way since our previous visit in February, but there were no animals in there when we went through yesterday: they’re going in on Monday once the sand has properly settled and the water is ready for them.

Thursday is a public holiday and the aquarium opens at 9.30am. Members can get in at 9am (by prior arrangement), but I’d fully advise you getting down there asap to be one of the first to see the incredible new entrance into the new exhibit (can’t say what it is, except ‘unique’) and the stunning new tank.

This is not a sponsored post.

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