Never give up

In some ways and despite its somewhat amusing headline, the Cape Times story which I read this morning was rather sad. But you just can’t help but read a piece entitled: 
Escaped mental patient stones police and jumps into Durban harbour.

The fact that someone is so ill and so out of their mind that they have to be locked away from society is tragic. That in desperation, they then escape, attack police cars and injure a police officer before throwing themselves into a harbour is perhaps even worse.

But as ever in this crazy country, there is an funny side too. And it’s a lesson that many of us would do well to remember: Perseverance is a wonderful trait.

An hour-long chase ensued before the man jumped into Durban harbour.
While in the water, he was still “very aggressively looking for anything to throw”.

Presumably, there weren’t many stones floating around, but this being in an industrial harbour, god knows what he could have found to fling.

Never give up.

6 thoughts on “Never give up

  1. Gogglez – Sad, but funny too.

    SteveO – Welcome back. Where have you been?

    Koosh – I’m not sure it was a good fight…

    globus – Have you ever jumped in a harbour to evade arrest? You strike me as the sort of man who might have that in his CV

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