Never forget

[Content Warning: Tony Blair]


As Christmas approaches, there will be all sorts of public figures sharing their Christmas cards with us. If you’re a posh Brit (and also if you are a bit of a posh Brit wannabe), your Christmas card won’t be bought from the local Christmas card shop and it won’t feature an image a happy Santa or a drunk reindeer or even a traditional nativity scene. And definitely not all three.

It will feature an image of you and your spouse and your kids. And possibly your dog.

But however hard you try, your effort will never, ever beat the best of the the genre, released in 2014:

[cockney accent]
“Leave it Tony. ‘E ain’t werf it!”
[/cockney accent]

It’s appalling for a range of reasons, not least for the actual people in it, but couldn’t they have found anything better than that threatening look of impending violence?

Now we know what Iraq felt like.

If you’re thinking of doing your Christmas cards like this, this year: don’t.

If you do want to wish people a Happy Christmas/Winterval/Holiday Season, why not do what we do: send it electronically and spend the money you save on beer donate the money you save to a local charity?