Never a cross word

Previously, at least.
I have a friend who – because he requires a “creative outlet” – devises crossword puzzles. You may have seen some of his work on the back of the Funny Money pamphlet you bought at the robots.

Apparently, there is a dearth of cryptic crossword puzzles with a South African slant, and he aims to do something about that, while keeping up with the more regular non-SA themed stuff as well.

My readership is pretty bright.
He wants an outlet for his creative outlet.
Someone out there is desperately searching for SA-flavoured cryptic crosswords.

[light bulb moment] So – why not have a monthly crossword on 6000 miles…?
Spoiler: There’s no reason – so let’s play.
[teething problems: if you can’t see a crossword just below this, please click here and you should see this post with a crossword]



Incidentally, I’m no good at crosswords. I mean, the

Frozen water (3 letters)

ones, I’m ok with. But this stuff is a bit beyond me.

Apparently, I just need to get my head around the terminology, so with that in mind, here’s a helpful Summary Guide to Cryptic Crosswords for us all to learn together. For the record, I managed to work out a few of the clues above without looking at this guide, so I think it might be an easy one.

It’s going to be just for fun to begin with: hence the buttons there to help you out if you get stuck. But if I get some positive feedback, maybe we’ll look at other options for the future. Let me know.

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