Need two

I’m still feeling rough as a nomad’s heel and I have a huge week coming up including several big experiments at work, an important footy match and dinner with the Molton Brown Boys. Mrs 6000 has once again demonstrated her superb management skills in managing me straight back to bed and her and the kids to her mum’s. I am eternally grateful.

Despite being drugged up to the eyeballs (which, significantly, lie above the nasal cavity), I find myself oozing huge amounts of claggy green snot and have used almost an entire rainforest-worth of tissues this morning alone.
I could do with a more physical intervention and the photograph above has given me a great idea. In addition, the contents of the bottles involved might sort out this sore throat.

Or at least stop me caring…

12 thoughts on “Need two

  1. You are ill… you made a typo error. Never mind – don’t expect you can see much out of those snot-filled eyes. I’m also amazed you use tissues! Mr Hansen seems to prefer using loo roll, and then wonders why his nose is red all the time!

    Get better soon – I know Mrs 6000 is hoping you will too!
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Last of the summer time =-.

  2. HH > Thanks for the heads-up. Missed that. I even needed to use the spellcheck to find it.
    Corrected now. Before anyone else saw. Probably.

    Back to bed.

  3. “Gonna set my Yorkshire immune system on it.” > is that more effective than the one you usually use? Because you seem to be ill fairly frequently…
    .-= Jacques´s last blog ..Blasphemy day =-.

  4. Jacques > It is. I have been using my Proudly South African immune system up to now. Local is lekker and all that, although the Immunoglobulin A evidently leaves a lot to be desired.

    Po > Yes. It comes with having kids. They bring stuff home and then we spread it amongst ourselves.
    But both you and Jacques should remember that I never write about when I’m well. Thus you only hear the bad bits. (See: South Africa, Crime in for details.)

  5. So how you feeling today mate? I went through a phase of pretty much non-stop sneezing over Friday (my day off work) and Saturday! Sore throat has now gone, and I’m left with a the nose like a tap and a chesty cough! Results this weekend did help a little! Roll on next Monday 😉

  6. Wiggy > I am on the mend, thanks. In trouble with the wife for going to work today full of snot, but definitely better than yesterday.

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