Nearly done

Some of my readers – those with better memories – may recall this post from 2nd November last year, wherein I described how we had purchased a little plot deep in the Southern Cape and were intending to put a tiny fisherman’s cottage on it. Well, away from prying Cape Town eyes and despite the summer break, over the past 2½ months those foundations have sprung up into this:

Which is, as promised, a tiny fisherman’s cottage. Tiny, but ours.

It’s not quite finished yet (and it looks like we’ll have to sort out the weather a little too), but we’re naturally quite excited about it. And thus we’re now working on how we can spend as much time there as possible once it’s done.

Which brings me to holidays.
South African people, have you noticed the break over Easter? Take the 26th, 28th and 29th of April off and you don’t have to work for a whole 11 days. It’s not like you can wander round Woollies or Pick n Pay and spot many “Eleven for the price of Three” offers, is it?
Religion doesn’t do much for me, but I can smaak the holidays. Although some credit must also be given to left-wing politics for the 1st May. The irony of Worker’s Day being a day when people don’t actually work has never been lost on me and I will happily celebrate with the workers again this year.

7 thoughts on “Nearly done

  1. “The irony of Worker’s Day being a day when people don’t actually work has never been lost on me”

    Coupled with “the irony of Easter being a day when people dont actually go to church” has never been lost on me”

    and you are back on track after two losses!

  2. Wowee! They certain shifted on building that, then! Looks stunning, and very fitting with the local architecture, as I remember it! Of course, those last days of April will be perfect for whiling away at the beach – what’s the place like in winter?

    Looking forward to seeing many pics of your gorgeous place-by-the-sea 🙂

  3. Ah, April. Our National Productivity Month. Got to love it.

    The place looks awesome. Just make sure you don’t have *any* spare couches/rooms/floor space otherwise everyone will be clamouring for a spot!

  4. carl > Wish I could say the same for my footy team… 🙁

    HH > Yes, a bit too quickly, I felt. I’ll be happier once it’s safely through its first storm.

    Tara > Clamour has started a plenty already… 🙂

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