Namibian Farmer In Brilliant Hampshire Teenage Music Recommendation Shocker

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Seriously, in return for my recommendation of the Sound of Guns album Angels and Enemies, Emil Jung “Retired from corporate (and city) life, farming in Namibia (no better place to survive the zombie apocalypse), living a dream” hit me right back up with a suggestion that I check out Blaenavon (the band, not the World Heritage Site), which I did. And wow.

They have two tracks currently available on Soundcloud and though I think Into The Night is the more commercially viable, I have much love for Denim Patches. And you can click play right now to see exactly why:


Cape Town’s Ashtray Electric must be wondering where their trademark mournful sounds had gone. Well, they’ve been hijacked by three teenage lads from southern England.
At least they are putting them to good use.

Described as:

making tightly wound, instantly accessible alt-pop that soars in all the right places. Massively intuitive for such a young age, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to a band three albums into their career. Oh, and there’s not a single navel gaze or reverb pedal in sight.

You can read a depressingly contrived and juvenile interview with them here.

But the music – well, that’s anything but. Again: Wow.

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  1. Had to LOL at that headline! Glad I could point towards something wortwhile.

    The jury is still out on whether they’ll be able to sustain the quality on full-length album. For now, I look forward to the EP.

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