My Sunday

A day dominated by buying a car (a really awesome car that cost way too much money) and saying goodbye to my runabout of the last 8 years. I shall miss him. That said, the new car is bigger, better and has (amongst other features) a camera on the back to assist with reversing. The image from the camera pops up on the rear view mirror which is a little bit unnecessary, but is also ridiculously cool and the kids want to see it all the time. Sadly, they don’t realise that I have to put the car into reverse for it to activate and that this is not an option at 100kph (forwards) on the M3.

A day also dominated by football. I only managed to catch one match (well, so far anyway, he said, eagerly eyeing the La Liga fixtures of the evening ahead), but what a match: Man City 3-2 Southampton. Oh, how I missed the beautiful game over the winter. And oh, how my wife’s TV watching is going to be sharply curtailed during the upcoming months.

Finally, as promised yesterday, getting the photos from our trip up Table Mountain up onto Flickr.

Yes, lots of touristy photos, but I seem to have some unwritten duty to promote Cape Town. Not that it needs my help on days like yesterday. It was absolutely stunning up on top of the big flat rock…

5 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. Thanks. Never get tired from seeing table mountain. Our regular 2 week holiday in April usually has me timing myself up Platteklip, and my wife and son taking the cable-car. Great way to find out how London life has knackered me over 19 years.

  2. Well, according to my dads Tissot, April was 43 minutes from tafleberg rd to top step …then the enjoyable walk to restaurant for cold beverage or 2. Always trying for sub-40 , but cannot crack it anymore. Next attempt in December.

  3. Stuart Rees > I have no idea if that’s good or not. I’ll give it ago, see how I get on and then mock you because it only took me 41.5 minutes.
    And then I’ll discover that you are 85 years old.

  4. Good luck. At 51, I always take the car down afterwards …its the eccentric contractions that do the damage. My PB is 38…2 decades ago 🙂

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