My next band

While I’ve always enjoyed music, I’ve never really felt the need to be in a band. Of course, there was Sparky And Co., winners of my Middle School Talent Show in 19[mumbles mumbles], but those halcyon days are now long gone.

However, if I do ever be in a band again, then it’s almost certainly going to be called this:

The Karoo Lark Complex began by playing open mic nights at a local pub in Oxford, before a battle of the bands slot on the Polytechnic radio station saw them getting snapped up by Gaz Coombes’ Hot Fruit record label. Sessions for Marc Riley (obviously) followed and then mild success (not enough to contemplate giving up the day jobs, though) with several thousand streams a month. Their highlight was likely a gig on the main stage at the Witney Community Fair.
Sadly, they split up after just three years, citing artistic differences.

That fairytale aside, can we note how the larks above are named for their visual characteristics, their locality or the guy who discovered them, apart from the two with the very different song types?
Honestly, how can you be a lark and be described – named, even! – as “monotonous”.

Talk about letting the side down.