“My most important reader is me”

Why do we blog?

It’s a question that many inferior bloggers attempt (and fail) to answer on an all too regular basis (along with an annoying tendency to use the word “musing” far too often).

Brian Micklethwait* knows why he blogs:

… every so often I have to remind you people that my most important reader is me, in a few months or years time … This will warm the cockles of my faltering heart, the way me burbling on about the Cold War ending, and what a Good Thing that is, never could. Oooh. I see that in April 2008, I was of the opinion that the Cold War ending was Good. Well, twiddledidee.

Brian’s music storage challenges continue in his brilliantly and descriptively entitled Exciting Posting About Shelves, but aside from showing off his new CD rack, he also hits the nail right on the head as to one reason why I’m writing what I’m writing.

Well, twiddledidee.

* certainly not an inferior blogger.

35 thoughts on ““My most important reader is me”

  1. Has he not heard of itunes?

    Then he can keep all the CDs in the shed and put pictures on the wall.

    Nice blogging though.

  2. I like his reason way more than any other reason i’ve heard thus far. I love going back and reading my own letters….

  3. I’m going to come back next week and re-read this comment. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

  4. Thanks, yet another link I just HAVE to click on.

    i like his output though. Very different to my own. You all know I’m in it for the money, glory, fame and attention.


  5. Fleet – What an excellent quote.

    Gordon – I do that, but I miss my CDs. I like something tangible.

    Ruby – I like it almost as much as “for the money”.

    Roni – Nonsense. I’m going to do a post with all of your comments in one day. Whichever pseudonym you choose to use.

    Shebee – Yes. You two are… “different”.

  6. La! i don’t do it for the money……i can’t even earn money on mine…so i still like this one more;)

  7. Gordon – I do that, but I miss my CDs. I like something tangible.

    I still have my CDs and can touch them any time I like. I just never get round to it. Listening to music gets in the way, I find!

  8. globus blogs so that he has somewhere to keep all his pics of quality totty in one place. problem is, he’s too flippin’ fussy. he also blogs so he can leave cheap **** comments on saffer blogs 🙂 oops.

  9. Emil blogs … because he can. And it is nice to revisit old stuff and witness the progress or regress in one’s thinking. “We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploration/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time” (TS Elliot).

  10. Ruby – Fair enough. I have the same issue with my body.

    Gordon – Multi-tasking, Gordon – it’s the way forward.

    Globus – That was indeed, a cheap **** comment.

    Emil – Wasn’t that also a reason for climbing a big mountain?

    Platkuif – Freedom of speech is second only to Freedom of spinach. P.S. You’re emailed.

  11. There aint nothing wrong with my body! how on earth did we get from me agreeing with your post to you insulting me???

  12. 6k, globus is nothing if not consistent.

    now is this a family viewing blog? globus gets censored!

    and stop insulting ruby – that’s MY job.

  13. Globus – I didn’t insult Ruby: I wouldn’t want to step on your toes. Regarding your comment, it’s all spelled out here: http://6000.co.za/about/ 🙂

    “I welcome comments on the things that I write – so you can have your say too. Please don’t use bad language (Afrikaans, French etc) in your comments – my mum reads this blog.”

    Ruby – Ah! I forgot that you were an uptight joburger. Suddenly it all becomes clear.
    (Easy tiger! I’m kidding!)

  14. lol….yeah yeah, tease all you like:) No need to add the (i’m kidding) after every sorta sideways remark..i’ll just remember to wear my capetown shades when reading this here blog and we should be OK:)

    erm…we’re not allowed to comment in afrikaans, or we’re not allowed to use bad afrikaans? What’s so bad about afrikaans? ok, thats it…i’m confused:(

  15. hey, there’s a pic on that as well! you look a bit like some cricketer guy whose name now eludes.

    globus thought about doing a policy/about thing but decided no bugger would read it. globus wouldn’t let his mum read his blog, as then he’d have to stop swearing and posting pictures of fine wenches. where’d the fun be in that?

    joburger sounds like a flame-grilled sandwich.

    globus is wagering QPR will be above Utd come season end 🙂

    ruby, you’re welcome. hmm, you’re doing it again…..

  16. Ruby – Yes. All of those. I couldn’t possibly fail to disagree with you less.

    Globus -Ja right. Scunthorpe United, maybe…

  17. globus – so sir, are you for that matter!

    6K – since you’ve just managed to confuse me even more i’m gonna settle for saying…Ok:)

  18. Natalie – But I think it taks someone to remind us of that fact sometimes.

    Pete – Indeed. Those ones are the ones with “free sex” in the meta tags.

    Pamela – I’m amazed it took so long for someone to post that response.

    Angel – Welcome. His CD shelves are looking pretty cool too.

  19. I know, as I read through your comments I was sure somebody would have written that but no.

    So of course I felt it my duty!

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