My Favourite Superhero

On Father’s Day, what better than this set of… erm… photo-drawings from Italian… erm… photo-drawer Giulia Pex?

She took photos of her dad doing mundane tasks and then jazzed them up because her dad is her favourite superhero.


Even at age [quite old] my Dad can regularly still be found on the roof (although not if he remembers to take his medication). I’ve never seen him opt for the pose above though: he’d probably be painting the chimney.

Anyway, this goes out to my Dad and any other father’s out there who are their kids’ favourite superheroes.

Happy Father’s Day.

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Superhero

  1. Thought I’d take a quick look at your blog before going to bed, well ok I’m watching the football first (Uruguay v Spain). Yes, I did get on the roof and paint the chimney, isn’t that what all fathers do on Fathers’ Day?

  2. Dad 6000 > I was also up on the roof looking at the chimney. But I don’t like heights much because I can’t fly when I fall off.

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