Muslamic ray guns

DISCLAIMER: Publishing these videos does not amount to this site’s support for the EDL or any other political party or protest organisation.

The English Defence League are a right-wing organisation in the UK (well, specifically England, obviously) whose mission statement may make distressing reading for those without a strong stomach for radical political ideology. It’s also concerning to note that their primarily islamophobic philosophy may have some support (albeit mainly tacit support) among the greater population of the UK:

The reason why the EDL’s adoption of Islamophobia is particularly significant is that unlike the 1970s, when the National Front was embracing antisemitism, there are now sections of the media and the British establishment that are relatively sympathetic towards Islamophobia. It is not difficult to look through the media and find quite hostile views towards Islam and Muslims. That is fundamentally different to the 1970s, when very few newspapers or politicians were endorsing the NF’s antisemitic message.

Fortunately, we’re not here to debate the political views of the EDL. We’re here to laugh at this man:

Bless. He seems a little dazed and confused. Or drunk and stupid. Or, more likely, dazed, confused, drunk and stupid. I must admit that I had to wipe away an emotional tear just then. Damn, he makes me proud to be British… English… whatever.

Now, you might think that stumbling and incoherent monologue is pretty amusing in itself.
And you’d be right.

But it gets even better when put to a beat and subjected to the musical monstrosity that is autotune:

Whatever his political beliefs or IQ, when he puts it like that, I think he has a point: we should all be watchful for those Muslamic ray guns.

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