Musical matters

Thanks to the wife Skypeing friends in the UK, when I came to use Harold this evening, I found the chunky Skype headset still plugged in. Bonus.
Whilst I look pretty daft beneath said headset (but there’s no-one here to see me anyway), it provides surprisingly good sound quality and since I don’t get as much chance to listen to decent music as loudly as I would like to, I’m taking the opportunity to get reacquainted with Koosh’s favourite man, Jared Leto, and his 30 Seconds to Mars cronies.

This in turn brings back memories of My Cokefest and that in turn reminded me of Koosh’s heartfelt plea to her readers to not join the Facebook group concerned with objecting to those local residents who complained about the noise of this years event. Still with me?
I was going to show you that post, but she’s deleted it. Shame.

My wife, 5 months pregnant and a self-confessed hater of “shouty music” spent 12 hours in the burning African sun that day, listening solely to “shouty music” and humouring me as Matt Bellamy dissolved me into a quivering jelly of raw emotion.  Such is love. Unconditional love. (Me and the wife, not me and Matt.)

Or so I thought.

It turns out that there was (at least) one condition. A biggie. And yes, in exactly a fortnight’s time I will be at Grand West Arena watching (and – sadly – listening to) James Blunt. Through gritted teeth, I admit that it could be worse. But not even my wife, despite her bizarre musical tastes, would stoop so low as Sicky Dion or we wouldn’t be married.
“Are you a Sicky Dion fan?” was usually my second question to any eligible young lady, right after “So, do you come here often?”. Best to get those awkward and embarrassing things out of the way as soon as possible.
So there you have it. James Blunt. I wonder if I can sneak my iPod in?

Meanwhile, I’m sat here waiting for my download of MGMT’s brilliant Oracular Spactacular to complete. Specifically the Flaming Lips/Polyphonic Spree-esque Time to Pretend with its übercatchy keyboard riff. Here, in a Fleet of Worlds stylee, is the video for your perusal. Enjoy.

P.S. If you have 102MB of bandwidth to spare (i.e you’re not in South Africa), a hi-res copy of this video is available here (right click/save target as). Awesome.

5 thoughts on “Musical matters

  1. You see we live and we learn, I manage to screw something up and you make fun of me, while you have to go and watch James Blunt and I make fun of you.

    Actually, I don’t need to make fun of you, having to watch him is punishment enough.


    See how condescending that sounds? Pfft. I’m going to go and cry now…because…YOU’RE BEAUTIFUUUUUUUUUUL…

  2. @Goblin@Work: I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful – it’s true.
    And now I have to hear that git sing.
    And I don’t know what to do.

  3. Ok I got a bit lost at the Facebook group thingy, but you got to see Muse and that is all that counts, how cool!

    And as to James Blunt. Mwaha. mwahahahaha. Have fun.

    As to MGMT, I heard them on lastfm ages ago, but last night while the neighbours were partying, they did play one of their songs. And I remembered how much I liked them. And so today downloaded loads of their songs.

    My insane mafia neighbours are useful for some things.

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