Music Button gets hit again

I have previously described the hitting of the Music Button here, but with being away from school, it’s been a while since it has been struck. But as was noted yesterday, school restarted this morning.

I was unprepared. Not for school, but rather when the voice piped up from the back:

I haven’t said this for a few weeks, but… HIT THE MUSIC BUTTON!

Still, I hit it as instructed, but when I did, it was playing dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s 2013 offering Repent Replenish Repeat. Look, I love it, but it’s far too dark and much too naughty for a 7:30am trip to school with an 8-year-old. Hence some quick fiddling with the iPod in order to find something more appropriate for the journey between campussescampii… the two different school sites.

It would be rude not to share, so step forward the alphabetically-convenient Daft Punk. And their Random Access Memories was what took me on a musical odyssey through the traffic. Thus here’s Instant Crush, featuring the unlikely-monikered Julian Casablancas.

I’d forgotten just how good this album was. It was a hot contender for the 6000 miles… Album of the Year, alongside such greats as Depeche Mode, Ludovico Einaudi, The D.O.T., the Pet Shop Boys and, ironically, dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Regular readers will know that no-one ever wins these things, but you get some decent (IMHO) recommendations to make your musical life better.

I hope it’s done that for you. Have a great Monday, even if the traffic is FUBAR and you have to be up at 6am tomorrow.

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