Muse in Cape Town

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now.

Are you going to see Muse in Cape Town on 24th March?
You’re not?
Oh, it must be me then.

So goes a variation on a very old Dale Collins joke. And no, it wasn’t really very funny when he did it either.

I can’t recall being more excited about a concert since Glastonbury 2003. And I might not even have been this excited then. I am literally quivering with mounting anticipation. TTypingg iss a problemm.
I think that Muse* are probably the last big band in my “want to see them, but haven’t yet” category. Well, them and the Arctic Monkeys, but Arctic Monkeyism only really took off long after I left the UK. I’ve been wanting to see Muse for ~10 years now, but we (Muse and I) never got together. In leaving the UK, I thought I’d probably blown any chance of ever seeing them (or anyone even half decent).

In truth, Muse aren’t even topping the bill at the My Coke Fest concert.
In truth, there’s a whole lot of detritus to sit through before they come on, but I guess that I can tick a few more bands off the list (and I am looking forward to seeing Kaiser Chiefs).
In truth, although you are probably envisioning a backdrop of Table Mountain with Matt Bellamy giving it some welly up front on Hysteria, it’s more likely to be power cuts and the slightly less romantic backdrop of Rondebosch East, (which will also have a power cut).  
And in truth, although “Muse in Cape Town” sounds like the title of one of those ads for outlandishly expensive concert trips in the back of Melody Maker or Q magazine, it’s actually more a case of “Muse just at the end of our road”.
But that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

So if you’ll forgive me – I’m going to milk this one for all its worth.
Right back at you, Ms Perry. *wink*

* Some great live downloads available here.

16 thoughts on “Muse in Cape Town

  1. Starey – Excellent. You have really identified with the aim of this post. Fine work.

    Rabbitz – I may stay and listen to them. (I may not.)

    Koosh – Oh well, these things happen. I might even watch 30STM with my fingers in my ears. Because I can.

  2. SheBee – Skim reading alert! All the dates and info are up there. My Coke Fest is in Cape Town Easter Monday, Jo’berg on Good Friday. Download UNINTENDED AT WEMBLEY from the Muse site. It’s… woo.

    SheBee 2 – *snigger*

  3. You can watch with your fingers in your ears fine, but take piccies. Lots of piccies.
    I’ve weighed up the pros and cons of going and I dunno, I’m nawt impressed at the prospect. I’m not a very standing around all day listening to stuff I don’t like just to wait for one or two bands I actually enjoy at that price kind of person.
    I might still end up at Computicket though.

  4. Not related to the post at all…

    But heh! at Sven.

    He is probably beating himself with birch twigs as we speak. (And enjoying it enormously, no doubt.)

    Great result for the Blades! And well deserved from what I saw.

  5. Koosh – How should I take the pics? With my mouth?

    Gordon – Ja. What a game. Proper cup tie. With dodgy ref thrown in to boot.

    Slack – Well, we nearly didn’t have him after that ill-tempered Man United youngster two footed death attack on their full back. But yes, he’s looking like a good loan.

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