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I’m not into cars, but I do drive one and so I like to keep abreast of motoring news when it makes the papers. Also, this first story means that when that awkward “What does OSOD stand for?” question comes up at the next pub quiz, I’ll be able to answer correctly and win some beer.

I pass through OSOD systems on my way to and from work each day, and now the Western Cape traffic department is making a really big OSOD outside Beaufort West as the SABC incorrectly report:

The Western Cape Department of Transport has launched the Average Speed Over Distance (OSOD) pilot project in Beaufort West in the Central Karoo. The multi-million rand system has the long range capability to trap and monitor 71.6 kilometres of road. The busy stretch of road on the R-61, links the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape.

The OSOD project is not only the first for South Africa, but a first for the world. The camera covers 71.6 kilometres of the R61 between Aberdeen and Beaufort West. The road carries a lot of traffic from the Eastern Cape into the Western Cape and is notorious for speedsters and tragic accidents.

Western Cape Transport MEC, Robin Carlisle:

“The R61 is a very narrow straight road. and it probably has the highest fatality figure when compared to the number of vehicles it uses of any road in the province. It also is for us the beginning of the major long distance taxi route that comes from the Eastern Cape through Aberdeen, Buford West and then Cape Town. So it’s the perfect one to start on.”

Apparently, the section on the M5 has been very profitable effective at reducing speeding between Kromboom and Wetton. Presumably this 71.6km stretch of road will be equally fruitful.

Sticking with exciting(?) and informative South African motoring news, here’s a bit of advice for you: Never crash into a tree full of bees.
Sadly, this helpful tip comes ever so slightly late for one unfortunate Mbombela resident who crashed into a tree full of bees this past weekend:

An Mbombela man was in a critical condition yesterday after a swarm of bees stung him when his car crashed into a tree containing a bee hive, paramedics said.
ER24 spokesman Derrick Banks said the man – an on-duty security guard in his late twenties or early thirties – was attacked while travelling on the Belladona Plant road at around 5.30am.

The man lost control of his vehicle, which crashed into a tree and dislodged the bee hive, which, in turn, sent “hundreds of bees into the air. The guard started to be stung straight away while still in his vehicle.”

Banks said the man managed to run to a nearby river and lay face down in the water in an attempt to keep the bees away from his face.

We at 6000 miles… would also like to take this opportunity to point out that lying face down in water may also be hazardous to your health.

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  1. Looks like the SA govt is also running out of creative ideas for taxation.

    You may (or may not) be interested to know that the Cat and Fiddle road between Buxton & Macclesfield is infested with average speed cameras. Not exactly a 71.6 km stretch, I’ll grant you. It now makes overtaking caravans and 4X4s with a roofrack full of bicycles almost impossible.

  2. Henry Crun > That stretch of road has always been a death trap because of the felines playing stringed instruments – really off-putting for motorists.

    Reflex > From the Polish inventor of the system: Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Osób Dializowanych.
    *heading off to work out how I never worked that out*

  3. Because if they named it ASOD Meneer Sonbrilletjies (or Mr Traffic Officer for your foreign readers) might think he was being insulted, so with OSOD he’ll think you’re simply a mild mannered person who doesn’t use the more common expletives (or you have kids…).

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