Apparently, I have been sounding rather morose in my recent posts.
The reason for this , of course, is that I am feeling rather morose; I am – as any dictionary will tell you – “lacking in cheer”.
Yesterday, I fully dodged doing any sort of meaningful post, but couldn’t stop myself from putting something up. I’m not sure why.

The news from the surgeon yesterday was pretty bad. He thinks that – in addition to the ligaments I know are torn – there may be even more damage to another bit of leg a bit higher up. I really didn’t know that there was anything else to damage.
Well, there is, and he thinks it is.


I’ll need an MRI scan before he’ll commit to any sort of ideas on treatment, but for now, and for the foreseeable future, I’m in a moonboot, 24/7 including weekends.
It’s not comfortable, it’s not sexy, but it does at least seem to be reducing the swelling of my previously swollen organ.

And that’s the first good news I’ve had in ages.

3 thoughts on “Morose

  1. ‘ware the moonboot, it is a force for evil! They get you to wear it for a ‘short while’ (meaning 4 weeks), then remove it proclaiming all is well, then realise your ankle is locked, cart you into surgery and give you a permanent limp.
    Sorry to be bearer of bad news but same thing happened to my dad and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  2. I personally found yesterday’s post hilarious. Particularly dad 6000’s brilliant response! Who wouldn’t be ‘lacking in cheer’ faced with the same problem. Glad you found a silver lining though

  3. oh i’m so sorry to hear this. was wondering what was going on. hopefully the doc has some good news soon.
    but moonboots are dead sexy! no… really. oh ok i tried. 🙂

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