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Moonbats and and tinfoil headgear enthusiasts have long told us that the vaccine was full of microchips and nanobots and dead babies and actual Covid and Bill Gates sperm. That’s a lot of things to fit in a tiny syringe.
And one of the more enduring allegations was that of the presence of Graphene Oxide. Quite where the idea that there was any Graphene Oxide (GO) in there came from is a bit of a mystery. As is the reasoning behind the claims: there’s everything from mind control through to just plain old poisoning given for the alleged presence of GO in the Pfizer shot.


One wonders what the other 1% might be made up of.

Obviously, the actual ingredients of the vaccine don’t include GO, although it is used in some medical treatments, specifically in delivering anti-cancer drugs to target organs.

But not in any Covid vaccine.

Something that the anti-vaxxers seem to have finally worked out, well… sort of.

So that 99% claim above was clearly 100% incorrect.

And the “base compounds” (they’re not compounds at all) that Graphene Oxide (or Graphene Hydroxide, depending on which bit they’re fantasising about in their message) is constructed from?

Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Oh. So the same chemicals you might find in such nasty stuff as butter, sunflower oil, bacon, any and every type of sugar, all proteins, fats, bread products, eggs, blood, lentils, milk, you, me, the beagle: basically every living thing and all the stuff that living things produce.

And then somehow your phone is going to make the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the jab – not all the other billions and billions of those atoms that you’re already literally built of – into Graphene Oxide which is going to kill you.

Incidentally, if there was a method of making GO that easily, we’d surely jump at the chance. Right now, we have to treat graphene with some pretty horrific chemicals (Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid, Potassium permanganate etc) under some ridiculous conditions (eg. 90oC for three or four days) to make the oxide.

So much easier just to wave a cellphone near your recently-vaccinated body. And, while we’re on the subject, pretty brave (or pretty foolish) to have shared that information by iMessage, given that those communications can only be sent using the alleged trigger instrument of GO assembly and instant death – the iPhone.

Of course, it’s all absolute bollocks. All completely fabricated and we can be pretty sure that there is no way that whoever wrote the message above has any access to mass spectroscopy equipment and know-how. That stuff is highly technical and they’re talking bullshit. And yet, people believe it.

Utterly bewildering and very worrying.

Go and get vaccinated. And keep using your phone.

You’ll be fine.