More of this please

Having just experienced several (or more) airport security checks, together with the inevitable queuing for each, I fully endorse this new suggested approach, presumably aimed at speeding the process up.

Yep. Byee!

It may seem a little heavy-handed, but when you’ve been standing in a line of people watching each and every individual in front of you be told the same thing over and over and over again, and then when it comes to your turn after 45 minutes and you’re not ready…?

You deserve all the nasty things: including not being allowed to get on your flight and go on your holiday.


That said (and stood by), none of the processes were the same across our 6-airport trip. Not even for Doha which we went through twice. Sometimes laptop in, sometimes laptop out. Sometime belt on, sometimes belt off. Sometimes shoes on, sometimes shoes off. And that was weird and irritating. All were thorough, but if I had to order them, then most lax would be Cape Town, and the most thorough would be (the notorious) Ronaldsway. Gatwick, Dublin and Doha(x2) were somewhere in the middle. But while each one was slightly different, there was still plenty of time to learn each protocol as you approached, so no excuses for not knowing what was imminently coming up.

We didn’t miss any flights, although there was one close call (after a delayed arrival and the usual mess at security – and this on a transfer side of the airport, so every passenger there had recently experienced a security check, and yet many still seemed bewildered as to what was going on), so I fully support this new proposed plan for getting (me) through airport security a bit more quickly.