More motivation

A while ago, I did a post on the folly of (some) motivational quotes. But since then, I’ve found a couple of motivational things that I actually rather agree with. Or at least some that I appreciate.

Because they are aimed at the right sort of place.

Firstly, this Norwegian response:

“Things could definitely be going better, but actually, I’m just about coping” seems to be a vaguely positive but also realistic way of trying to be optimistic, but equally not pretending that you’re in some sort of utopia.

In fact, given the way the world is at the moment, the only minor addition I’d make is a “yet” at the end of it.

But then, if all you want to do is achieve then there’s this approach:

For me, this is like doing a job, then adding it to your to-do list, just so that you can retrospectively cross it off. The list remains just as long as it was. Or maybe it’s more like just crossing off one of the existing list items without doing it. Either way, the sense of achievement stands proud.

I’m off to put both these ideas into practice.