More great publicity for SA

There’s no such thing as bad publicity? Really?

From the front page of the BBC News website: some more negative stories about South Africa.

Negative perceptions

I’m not saying they’re not true stories. Just that I’m fed up of having to dig deeper for the good news, while the bad stuff is repeatedly thrust into my face.

Crossing borders: South Africa hit by Zimbabwe’s cholera crisis 
HIV drug high: South African teenagers smoking anti-retrovirals

10 thoughts on “More great publicity for SA

  1. Then I have a challenge for you: Why not write up some of the good news you find and make a list of it here. I’d love getting a good news list like that.

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  2. I guess it would be OK if they would actually get their finger out and HELP get rid of the stuff they write about…

    I think that Africa as a whole gets a bum rap in the Western media.

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  3. Yes! It’s a wee bit depressing, isn’t it? Totally agree! (been lurking for some time now.) Ah well…

  4. Geir » I do write a fair amount on “good things” happening in South Africa. Certainly more than my fair share.

    Lady Fi » Africa is seen as a big money pit by many in the West. But stories like the ARV abuse one won’t help encourage people to support more money for SA and the people who really need it. The UK just gave 6 billion GBP to help Africa, plus the 15 million GBP for HIV work in SA. Many will think every penny of that will be smoked by those idiots.

    Val » Thanks for delurking. And yes: it’s depressing. Which life here actually isn’t.

  5. Did you see the latest BBC doc about Joburg? I really wonder what Brits must think. I mean, the documentary is all true, but I had my colleagues asking me with wide eyes if that is normal.

    All I am saying is, yes it is bad, but good stuff happens too.

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  6. Bad news sells!

    Who would buy papers if they were filled with all the good things numerous people in this country do?

    As you said before the papers are filled with sensationalist reporting and it quite difficult to sensationalise good deeds, fantastic weather, awesome scenery and friendly vibrant people. Much easier to do it to the horrors of crime and violence.

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  7. Urgh, don’t get me started on Louis Theroux’s sensationalist piece on Sunday night.
    I used to like his documentaries, but his last 2 really hit a raw nerve. His Wide-eyed “innocent” questions on why things happen just scratch the surface and he doesn’t even try to get to the bottom of why things are the way they are.

  8. Reflex » I loved his series’ when I was in the UK. But that was when he was going across Ameri-cor and meeting/interviewing trivial people and dealing with trivial issues. It was “fun”. A bit wacky.
    Have only seen clips of the documentary (TV iPlayer not available for us durty forenurs) but sensational seems to describe it perfectly. Take the worst of the worst and portray it as normal life.

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