More EnvironMENTAL coolness

After we brought you the ski slopes, smoke rings and heat-guided laser wonder from Denmark, here’s some more green coolness in the form of Boston’s Treepods.

Dvice reports:

The Treepods would be constructed purely of recycled plastic bottles. On top, they’d be covered with solar panels to help power the CO2 filtration process, which would take place throughout the branches using a ‘humidity swing’ process. The trunk of the tree sports an integrated seesaw, where children can get off their lazy butts and start generating some electricity to help save the world already.

Side benefits of the Treepods include providing plenty of shade as well as habitats for confused birds. And at night, the Treepods would light up in a variety of bizarre colors, because if they weren’t covered in a bajillion LEDs, they just wouldn’t be worth having around.

These amazing artificial trees were only designed as a concept for an urban intervention competition and the idea probably won’t get any further than pictures on a website.
That’s pretty sad, because I think they’d make a welcome addition to any urban landscape.

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