More election confusion

After yesterday’s election confusion over whether or not the ANC “can” win Cape Town in next month’s Municipal Elections, that same party have made great inroads in not winning the Tlokwe (Potchefstroom) Municipality by regrettably (or not, possibly) failing to register candidates in seven wards there:

A member of the ANC’s provincial executive committee (PEC) in North West, who asked not to be named, told the M&G that provincial secretary Kabelo Mataboge was to blame for not registering candidates with the Independent Electoral Commission.
As the provincial secretary Mataboge is responsible for ensuring that all registrations are conducted according to the letter of the law and on time.
He allegedly sent a messenger to the IEC offices in Potchefstroom to register ANC candidates on the last day of registration.
It is alleged that Mataboge gave the messenger all the forms that needed to be submitted but that he signed six of them without the names of the candidates being specified. This was despite the fact that the list of candidates had been finalised by provincial leaders.


The ANC’s North West provincial working committee was due to meet on April 20 and party sources said it would look into the possibility of disciplining Mataboge. “He’s likely to face several charges related to bringing the party into disrepute. It’s a serious charge,” the source said.

Sadly, this never happened in the UK. We could have been spared a lot of Labour if it had.

One thing I do like about this story is the name Tlokwe. So much prettier than the “original” Afrikaans name.
Am I allowed to say that?

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