More Cape Town “tourism”

The quotation marks are because Kirstenbosch is somewhere we go fairly often anyway. Not like yesterday’s trip out.

Anyway, I was there this morning with my dad and my camera, and I managed to get a couple of images despite a somewhat quiet morning on the wildlife front.

I don’t profess to be an expert in these sort of things, but I’m fairly confident in saying that what we have here is a bird, and a frog.

I’m aware that it’s possible to be far more specific with classifying birds and frogs, but basically, as I understand it, the further you go down that road, the more likely you are to be incorrect. And so I’m sticking with my original identifications, and leaving things at a much more general – but also accurate – level.

A bird and a frog, then. In that order.

Amietia fuscigula & Cinnyris chalybeus for the curious and the taxonomists out there.