Moody Mountain

Yes, Spring is supposed to have sprung, and indeed it may be happily bouncing around the rest of South Africa, but the Cape coast remains distinctly wintery. A delectable cocktail of 13°C, strong winds and heavy showers is forecast for today after a hailstorm of note woke the family from its collective slumbers at 3:30 this morning.

Spring, it certainly ain’t.

Table Mountain was decidedly moody this morning as I paused to snap a couple of quick pics on the way to work. It refused to smile and turned its back on me. Grumpy bugger.

A measure of the rain that we have had over the past couple of days are the waterfalls coming off the top of the mountain. These are temporary affairs – usually only seen after prolonged heavy rain: it has been wet.

Accompanying the rain were some nice high winds, hence these pictures of the ship – a Turkish coal carrier – which broke anchor last night and was (and still is) beached at Blouberg.

And finally – desperate for something warmer and drier – a lovely summary (geddit?!?) of the Brandon Huntley saga from Jeremy Nell. Funny stuff.

EDIT: Since I had my camera to hand, I took this photo too. I quite like it.

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