How did I make it to Monday?

Ah. Monday morning. My favourite time of the week. Apart from all the other ones, of course.
But I was actually quite delighted to make it through to this particular Monday morning.

As my alarm sounded (thankfully slightly later than the infamous 5:19), I rolled over on the 30cm strip of mattress which remained unclaimed by my wife and her onboard foetus and lazily reached out from under the security and warmth of the covers for the TV remote to flick on the news. I was greeted by the beaming face of Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, South African Minister for Public Service and Administration. This was slightly perturbing, as I hadn’t actually switched the TV on yet. I opened my eyes again and Geraldine was gone. Shame – she could have got me a coffee.

1029_largeGeraldine – too 80’s popstar for Government?

Such are the hazards of waking up after a hectic weekend involving curry, a heated political argument with a couple of lesbians, a singing fibreglass train, a tub of pink butter icing, a Castle Milk Stout or two, a giggling monkey, an essential visit to a local pharmacy and an urgent – but minor – service for the new vacuum cleaner.
And if you think I’m lying about any one of those, then you’re unfortunately mistaken.
Unfortunately for me, at least.

The big event of the weekend was a second birthday party for our son. No-one is more surprised than me that he’s made it this far*, bearing in mind that for at least some of that time, he’s been in my care. A whole 731 days** is not to be sniffed at, but judging by the green ooze permanently emanating from his left nostril, sniffing is an art which he has yet to perfect anyway. Photos of the party, selectively edited to avoid any audience exposure to catarrh, will be posted to flickr at some point this week.

Roll on 5pm Friday, at which point the madness restarts. Albeit hopefully with less pink butter icing.
In the meantime, a combination of Placebo, Arno Carstens, REM, Smashing Pumpkins and an occasional coffee will aid with my further recovery.

OK – perhaps he is as well.
** It’s a leap year, remember?

11 thoughts on “How did I make it to Monday?

  1. What a handsome little boy you have 🙂 If you think you’re surprised he made it to 2, wait until he hits 5 (my youngest). Even 5 isn’t that bad, but 22 (my oldest son) now that’s a different story. All of a sudden I have another kid (daughter-in-law) and grandkids. How’d that happen. (I’m sure it was the old fashioned way, but you know what I mean….). It flies so quickly…
    And may I say, I don’t think I’ve had a weekend with all of those ingredients in years…sounds like fun!

  2. Love it! Our 2nd birthday party is this Saturday. In the park far away from the house! Too many 2 year olds give me a headache (any number bigger than 2 is too many).

    We visited the Singing Blue Steam Engine last weekend. Now that was fun!

  3. Lol @ Goblin.

    Sweet. I especially am fond of the green ooze. It reminds me I need to clean out my rubbish bin in the spare room. Don’t ask.

    Happy happy to 3k*!

    *In manner of 50cents son, 25cent**.
    ** I crack my self up, seriously. Need my own blog back!

  4. Notice how 6000 hasn’t said anything yet, I think he’s spreading my picture around to family members telling them not to let me near his child.

  5. Jodi – He won’t reach 5. I’m employing Goblin as a babysitter.

    Del – Good luck. Home or away, you’ll need it.

    Goblin – sorry – what? Trying to get work done and your pic circulated before loadshedding.

    Shebee – Green ooze is never better than when it’s leaving the nasal passages of an almost 2-year-old.

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