Mjölka e-kon!

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Mjölka e-kon!
Har du mjölkat en kossa på gammalt hederligt vis någon gang?
Om inte, är det dags nu. Ta tag i spenarna och tävla om fina priser.

Ah – those zany Swedes! They gave the world ABBA, sing-song accents and beautiful women with blonde hair and blue eyes. And now they’ve taken it one step further with the opportunity to win great prizes by milking a cow online.  

E-milking cow!
Have you milked a cow in the old-fashioned way, at some point?
If not, it’s time now. Grasp the teat and compete for great prizes.

And they’re right, because: mjölka 6dl innan tiden är ute så kan du vinna en kväll met Ärets Kock. Yes, if you manage to milk more than 6dl (600ml) within the allotted 3:00 minutes, you could win an evening out with Ärets Kock.

I know, I know. At this point, the women are suddenly more interested and the men are looking distinctly nervous. However, Ärets Kock turns out to be nothing more sinister than Chef of the Year.

If the thought of enjoying a Chef-filled evening excites you (careful now), then click the link and drag and drop a teat or two. It’s actually rather addictive. And full of calcium.

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