I decided to take the weekend off from blogging and all in all, it went quite well, aside from the monumental guilt I felt for not blogging. I know that when I don’t blog, I lose readers, but equally, I’m aware that when I blog badly, I also lose readers.
It’s at times like this that I have to remember why I am blogging here.

Posts which get the most feedback are those which tweak people’s metaphorical nipples: those being the political ones, the environmental ones or the ones taking the p… mickey out of the Cape Times letters page. Sadly, recently the local political scene has been hugely depressing, the local environMENTALists quiet (aside from occasional petty and pointless stunts) and the Cape Times letters page unusually sane.

It’s no wonder it’s been so quiet here.

It was much louder this time last year…

Brings a tear to the eye…

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  1. This is too much of a coincidence: You stop blogging while Green Pieces dump coal in public?

    (Are you perhaps an undercover treehugger?)

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