Missing “home”…

If there is one thing I miss about living in the UK more than any other, it is the music. While SA has it’s fair share of decent bands and artists (and I’ve mentioned them more than once or twice on here), the music scene just doesn’t compare to the UK. I love to find new bands by chance and then follow them up and listen to see if what I heard was a one off or a representative sample of their work. I can’t do that here.

Feeling particularly musically needy today, I did a bit of an update on a few of my favourite bands. This evening, having got my free download of The Escapist by The Streets, I flicked onto the Radio One homepage and took the opportunity to listen live to Zane Lowe‘s show for a short while. Not because I’m a huge fan of Zane Lowe, but because that was who was on when I was listening so it would have been difficult to listen live to anyone else. He was playing a song called CCTV by The Last Republic. A song which sums up exactly what I mean when I say that I’m missing out. Awesome stuff.

You won’t find TLR on iTunes. However, having looked them up on MySpace – and in one of those ironic moments that show that if there is a higher power, then he’s busy sticking his middle finger up at me – if you’re in Cardiff this evening, you will find them at Cardiff Barfly, supporting Saffa band, The Parlotones.

The only other bit of UK/SA news today was England winning the fourth test at The Oval. Have you noticed that I only mention the cricket when England win? This has had the effect of passively convincing all my american readers that England are the best cricket team in the world.

Which they are, obviously.

5 thoughts on “Missing “home”…

  1. Americans know what cricket is? Don’t you have to call it “the slightly less boring than baseball but still boring ball and stick game”?

    I would miss the UK music scene too, especially since I have about eight people who continuously rub it in my face via email.

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  2. Hello there,

    I’m the keyboard/synth player for The Last Republic and randomly came across your website today. Its good to hear our music has made it half way around the world and that you like it. If you send us your email we will be able to send you a link for a free download of the song CCTV (available 25th of august). Hope SA is treating you well

    David Llewellyn

  3. Brand new to your blog and just reading through some of your older posts – so you may get a few random replies from me along the way.

    Just thought i would let you know that that is what we miss about the UK too. We are Saffers, but lived there (like the rest) for a few years and really loved it (except the flipping weather)! It is not that I am a complete muso or anything, just really enjoy music and the music scene there is much better than here.

  4. Bianca W » Hi and welcome to 6000 miles… Thanks for your comment and I look forward to more. 😉

    I’m well aware that there is no “perfect place” to live. If I could combine a few things from the UK and a few of SA, maybe I’d be getting close. Equally, of course, I’d like to leave a few bits of each out as well.

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