Bit of a weird one this evening. I’ve brought the family out to the cottage down in Agulhas, while Mrs 6k has stayed in Cape Town (for logistical reasons). So I have kids and grandparents (the kids’, not mine) to look after and entertain, while the wife rattles around the Cape Town house all alone.

It’s a weird one for her as well, the first time she’s had the house completely to herself… well… ever, really.
I thought that I should give her a call to check that everything was ok, only to find that she was floating around the pool on her lilo and drinking cider. I took that as a yes.
Of course, she can do that when the rest of the family are at home too, but it seems that she actually enjoys not being divebombed by the kids and tipped into the water (also… er… by the kids *cough*) every few seconds.

Who knew?

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