Michael Jackson is still dead

And he’s been joined by my PC.

Yes, the world has ended. Sort of.

With the Lions losing with the last kick of the game in Pretoria and having spent the afternoon in shopping hell with one (if not more) of the kids playing up, my computer has failed to work.
Well, it started. Briefly.
And then it stopped. My guess is a power supply issue, but after the day I’ve had, I decided that the best way to cure the problem was to sit down and watch Top Gear with a large glass of red wine and order a large BeeGee from Butlers.

Don’t worry – you’ll still get your updates. This one is being tapped out on Mrs 6000’s laptop and I can always head to my super sexy SEX1 if I need to. But right now, all I need to head to is my 2003 Vrede and Lust Cara.


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  1. Wiggy > Agreed. Great game. Would have been better (I think) if it could have gone into final Test with something to play for.

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