I’m not even sure where I’ve been. Well, I know where I was, but I don’t know what was there.
Not by name at least*.

It was one of those trendy market places, which, you’ll remember I have a fair amount of disdain for.
This one was at Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek and it ticked all the boxes, including being cliquey, serving craft beer and plenty of free range, organic food served by small independent producers with cool names like ‘The Kitchen Cowboys’, ‘The Lamb Man’ and ‘The Ice Cream Ninjas’. Really.


Fortunately, they were accompanied by great company, superb weather and those views down to Long Beach.


This was a special public holiday edition of the affair, starting at midday instead of late afternoon and to be fair, it was nice enough, with (just) enough space to sit and enjoy oneself. However, it was getting busier and busier, even as we left towards 5:30pm. I would imagine that it went rapidly from ‘wonderful’ to ‘not actually ever so pleasant’ judging by the traffic jam trying to get in.

But if markets are your thing, this was great. Even if they’re not your thing, it was really not a bad afternoon out.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, nice, chilled, but not too often.

See you next March 21st.

* OK, apparently it was the Noordhoek Community Market.
Ever so Lentil Curtain. 

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