Market Day

Tomorrow is Market Day for my daughter. A multi-disciplinary project at school, incorporating Design & Technology, Maths, ICT, Art and not Geography. She and a partner are selling cookies and cake-pops, and so they’ve been hugely busy all day getting things ready.

The results look rather decent:

They’ve done all the planning, advertising, budgeting and preparation themselves, and all that is left to do now is take their wares and float to school, and reap the financial benefits (and then write an assignment, probably – there’s always an assignment, isn’t there?).

But that’s assuming that these goodies make it through the night. I’m the last one up this evening, and I actually rather fancy something sweet with my Spanish football. I’m not sure I could get through all of them without getting a lot of diabetes, though.

Actually, it’s going to be an interesting week at school. More on that tomorrow (he said, enigmatically).