Malema: the future of SA

Of all the things that will come with a Jacob Zuma presidency, perhaps none is quite so scary as the prospect of ANCYL Leader Julius Malema holding any position of authority.
While I am not a fan of the constant ZumaRumas™ which are regularly circulated by antagonistic, hysterical whities with racist agendas*, the thought of Malema being allowed near anything or anyone important fills me with dread.
The mechanic that serviced my car last week looked a bit like him and now my air-con has packed up. I recognise this is no reflection on Mr Malema himself per se, but it just seemed horribly appropriate and thus I felt I should include it here. 

I am also not a fan of radio stations doing prank phone calls. For me, just because someone is (in)famous, doesn’t mean that one should be able to ring them up out of the blue, imitating some other person, confuse and embarrass them and then broadcast it for all to hear. However, I’m going to make an exception here, as “Whackhead” from Highveld 94.7 in Jo’burg calls Julius Malema (via his PA) and “chats” to him.
While pretending to be Barack Obama.

Listen and weep:


For me, the scariest bit is that Malema fails to actually say anything.
Is he overawed? Is he confused? Does he even know who Mr Obama is? 
Can Julius Malema get out anything more than mumbled, one word answers while talking to the most powerful man on the planet?

No, he can’t!

I know it’s not a fair situation to judge someone on, but please, for the love of all that is holy, couldn’t he have embarrassed himself by at least chatting to “Mr Obama”, perhaps congratulating him on his election victory, hypocritically spending $150 million on a big party, maybe talking about his visions for Africa – ANYTHING!
Just not “yebo” and “ugh”. Those are not the words of a competent politician.
But those are the words of Julius Malema.

* As Thabo Mbeki (remember him?) said last week, “It seems to me that the unacceptable practice of propagation of deliberate falsehoods to attain various objectives is becoming entrenched in our country.”

14 thoughts on “Malema: the future of SA

  1. I just thought that it was really funny that he thought that Barak-O would give him a ring on the day that he was being crowned as the leader of the free world.

    I mean really… I wouldn’t even phone my Granny on that day !

  2. Sylar > Who knows what was going through his head. Who knows what ever goes through his head?

    HVK > It’s that sort of incisive political comment SA needs more of. Sucks for whom exactly?

  3. The entire “episode” is rather embarrassing, but reminds me of a certain Sarah Palin incident.

    The traditional prank call, which at times can be funny, has been replaced with a new level of nastiness.

    PS: FYI – Jonathan Ross is back.

  4. nonsensical > But of course, even Palin’s record was full of hoaxes (see Mbeki’s quote at the bottom of the post).
    Who knows? Maybe this one is, too. But the damage is done (see Mbeki’s quote at the bottom fof the post).

    As for Ross – glad he’s back. No, his prank call wasn’t funny or entertaining, it was nasty and unnecessary; but the punishment was utterly ridiculous. I heard Chris Moyles is next on the Daily Maily’s hitlist.

  5. Christ, could he have been more unprepared. why the hell did he take the call if he had not clue what he is going to say. he has a fairly competent secretary though

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  6. DC > Note the bit when his PA tells “Obama” that he can call Julius in 3 minutes, so she can tell him who is calling. Unprepared??

  7. Hmm I usually love Whackhead. But that kind of just depressed me.

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  8. Did anybody listen to the nonsense “Obama” was saying? I am not a Malema fan, but give the poor guy a break.

  9. Lady Fi > Hmm. His latest statement (thursday) is how women hang around in the morning if they enjoyed being raped.
    Classy guy, huh?

    Po > Not funny in any way, hey?

    KoosS > Welcome. And fair point. But he was told who he was going to be speaking to. Where was the salutation, the recognition, the conversation?
    As I said in the post – I don’t agree with putting people on the spot like that, but seriously… what a doos.

  10. shem y wud sum1 do that to our poor juju, lol i mean of ol ppl i dont think barack obama wud take his precious time to ring malema aowa not ayoba….

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