Malema speaks sense

Surely some mistake?

But no. After the latest in the Jacob Zuma trial, as the case was put back (again) to August 2009 – significantly on the other side of the general election –  our friend Julius said:  

When Zuma comes back to court in August he will come back as the president of this country and the judges will have to address him as the president.
I just want to ask those who are behind this case if they would be proud to prosecute their own president, and embarrass their own country.

Well, when it comes to embarrassing the country, Julius – you’re the expert.
Anyway, “Mr President” only has one more syllable than “Mr Zuma”. I’m sure m’learned friends will er… Cope.

So it looks like we’re all going to have red faces, then. Unless, of course, you’re right with this bit:

When we campaign we must campaign as if there are no charges against Zuma.
We must undermine these charges because they think that they will stop us.

In which case, with Zuma as President, “they” will have failed to stop “you” and will probably just give up. Probably.

8 thoughts on “Malema speaks sense

  1. Revolutionary rhetoric by a pernicious, pertinacious, pugnacious, ignorant, dunce!

    “Undermine” is so … yesterday!

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  2. Skip Zuma and go straight to Malema for President I say.
    He is younger so more viable for a President for life, better value for money 🙂

    I think he may be a philosopher. His quotes have a strangely zen-like feel, as if there is something deeper to what he is saying. And what he says is so…true.

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  3. *rolls eyes*
    The ANC does a great job of embarrassing us occasionally without the help of anyone else.

    And frankly, Malema is someone to worry about with some of the things he has said in the past. (That’s me saying nicely that I think he’s a complete idiot – and that’s still being nice)

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  4. Goblin, I’m not so sure that “occasionally” was the right word there. “Usually” would seem the more accurate term…

  5. Goblin > You can say what you like about Malema and the ANC.
    That is, BEFORE the election, anyway. Once they win and change the COnstitution, you’ll have to be nice about them.
    It’s The Law!

    Po > Actually, I’ve never heard him lie. Just say really daft things.

    Orange > I would have gone for “Always”, personally.

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