Made it down

Down in Agulhas for New Year, our plans having been delayed by a few days because of that thing with the beagle.

And it will be a weird New Year: no trip to Struisbaai beach this year for the first time in many years, because there will be no fireworks there. The fun sponges are reveling in delight that their darling cats and dogs will spared the ignominy of a whole 15 minutes of noise this whole year, whilst also lamenting that the local economy could do with a few more visitors. But there’s no Sea Shack, there’s no fairground and there’s no firework display. Shooting themselves in the foot, bit by bit.
This year, it still seems to be doing ok, but when you remove all the attractions and add in that wind, which has made the beach thoroughly unusable for the past week, well, who will be coming back this time next year?

Still, this year, it is doing ok. Sure, we arrived at lunchtime on New Years Eve, but everywhere is full and on one occasion, I had to wait behind two other cars at a stop street. This is very unusual. I had almost forgotten that it was holiday season: I go into something of an autopilot when I’m driving down here and the traffic really wasn’t bad at all until we got into Struisbaai.

And I’m very much struggling for cell connection. The cell towers are made for the other 50 weeks of the year, and with Gauteng (quite reasonably) emptying into the Western Cape, Vodacom just can’t keep up. This post marks the start of my 13th year of daily blogging (Eish!), but it’s going to be a struggle to upload it. It’s already been a struggle to even write it. And that with a fancy new laptop too. I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and that means 4,384 consecutive days of blogging. Assuming you are reading this.

Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks for for your support. See you in 2024 (that’s tomorrow) for more fun and games.
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