Luton draw

A lacklustre football match in Berkshire last night, attracting only 14,000 spectators, ended in a 1-1 draw. This was unexpected, as the home team are struggling for survival, and the away team have only lost one game in their last eighteen.

But it did happen.

What are the knock-on implications of this (aside from some tautology)?

Well, I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations, and it does seem like Sheffield United need just one win from their remaining four games to clinch a return to the Premiership.

Finally, it does seem like it’s actually plausible.

The thing is, as a seasoned Sheffield United fan, you learn never to count your chickens. So instead of celebrating the fact that something is now more likely to occur than it was at this time yesterday, I’d rather wait and enjoy it when it actually happens.

Which could be as soon as Wednesday evening.

But before that, a little trip to Wembley and a match-up with quite literally the best club side in the world.

More of that later. In the meantime, carefully-controlled, quiet excitement will continue Chez 6000.