Long weekend, part one

Ah. The opportunity of four days of rest & relaxation.
Ja, right.

Easter weekend used to be the time that spring started in the UK. Not this year, I hear. But while spring cleaning the garden was the norm there, I find myself doing the same here, despite the fact autumn is setting in – it was only 29°C today. While spray-painting some railings, I found time to grab some quick autumnal pics betweeen coats:

Now I find myself, tired and aching, with the only three of my sixteen jobs done. The only one that looks even vaguely like fun is “Buy Beer”. I might try and stretch that one out as long as possible, since the rest involve hard work and no beer.
Therefore, I’ll be doing a meet and greet session at Ultra Liquors in Wynberg from 8-6 tomorrow. If you’re coming along, please bring one of those KFC buckets.
Not only will the food be essential, the bucket will surely come in useful after sampling bottle store wares all day.

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